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Tricot Lace
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    • Eyelash lace

      Contact NowEyelash laceThe general is a process of eyelash lace made by weaving mode, the main material used nylon or nylon and spandex, eyelash lace on both sides of the same side as the human eye lashesRead MoreDec 16, 2015

    • Nylon lace

      Contact NowNylon laceBy the control of warp and weft jacquard woven. At the same time can be woven into a plurality of lace, or woven into a single piece after. Lace width of 3 ~ 170mm. Lace shading organization has Tabby, twill, satin, honeycomb pattern, small pattern etc..Read MoreDec 16, 2015

    • Elastic lace

      Contact NowElastic laceThe elastic lace is a normal kind of lace stockings. Colorful elastic lace trim, elastic lace fabric for clothing decoration.Read MoreDec 16, 2015

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