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Wedding Lace Of An Art

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

Wedding Lace But also to the popular wind prediction of the moment, and we can from Europe and the United States that the big stars to predict and understand a lot of nowadays the latest popular single product and color.

  The new wedding dress, with smart computer embroidery wedding lace as a marriage, to create a pure sweet style of simple wedding dress, Wedding Lace as long as the emergence of lace, whether it is hollow effect of full-length lace, bar code lace, or with Brisk Elegant effect of flowers, whether single-layer trim, or multi-layer pleats, wedding dress can bring Smart and delicate feeling, when these with a romantic wedding lace decoration wedding dress as long as the watermelon red, pink, White and other colors meet the time, will bring you a beautiful sweet style.

  Always with romance and elegance linked to the wedding lace, in the respect for the quality of the wedding dress hem also filled with infinite attraction. High-quality polyester silk, rayon, yarn and delicate net bottom of the European-style embroidery, highlighting the natural smooth contours of the retro pattern of three-dimensional, Wedding Lace full of temptation. Lace layers of bloom in your skirt, exudes sweet and lovely romantic atmosphere, showing the noble and elegant style of the deep design, brought back the charming fantasy nature of fresh and fresh taste.

  At the same time wedding dress not only need to tune with the wedding dress fabric, but also with the wedding dress style with the appropriate, Wedding Lace in order to achieve the final style. If the lace with the mistakes, not only will the wedding dress becomes eclipsed, and the most beautiful wedding lace will lose the romantic elegance of the attraction.

Computer embroidery wedding lace, as the name suggests is to use the needle and the line to the design of the computer by adding a piece of art on the mesh. Is the use of the needle will be silk or other fibers, yarn to a certain pattern and color in the mesh puncture, to pattern the composition of the decorative fabric. Computer embroidery wedding lace products is not only ordinary goods, it is a work of art. In the consumer goods in the computer embroidery wedding lace is not limited to the wedding, dress, veil on the application, Wedding Lace is now widely used in home textiles (such as bedding, home decoration, etc.), automotive supplies, sports products, handicrafts, Product packaging and other fields.

  Wedding lace of the process characteristics are: Shun, Qi, flat, uniform, clean Is the straight line straight, the curve is round; Qi refers to the track neatly, the edge of the phenomenon of no uneven; flat refers to the gesture accurate, embroidered plain clothes, silk thread is not skew; Wedding Lace uniform refers to the needle from the same, do not reveal the end, do not overlap; Refers to the embroidered surface smooth, no stains. The main artistic features: is the neat pattern, pattern fresh and elegant, acupuncture rich, elegant and affordable, embroidered exquisite delicate exquisite. On the computer embroidery needle method, Wedding Lace the pattern is extremely rich and infinite.

  With the development of computer technology, like gunpowder paper and compass, modern and from abroad into China's computer embroidered wedding lace, is also our traditional Chinese embroidery concept deduced, Wedding Lace the use of professional computer embroidery software for computer programming Design patterns and walking order, and ultimately to the wedding lace products mass production, Wedding Lace computer embroidery wedding lace not only on the traditional hand embroidery done a more perfect inheritance, and to solve the traditional hand embroidery can not complete the mass production of the status quo.

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