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The Basic Knowledge Of Lace Garment Accessories Industry Demand

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2016

1 clothing accessories grade: depending on the quality and design
Clothing is a project, including design, production, the production process of various sectors, the most important part is the selected material, material and fabric cloth and other accessories. The other accessories, we are called garment accessories, which are essential components in addition to the fabric of the external decorative clothing and the function of the expansion of clothing.
Garment accessories are divided according to the function and application of parts include: clothing material, clothing wadding, garment lining, clothing, bedding line with materials, materials and trademark closely. Clothing accessories according to raw material division include: textile garment accessories, chemical industry, garment accessories, hardware printing clothing accessories. The main performance of garment accessories is the use of performance and decorative properties. Taking performance refers to the ability to maintain a good appearance after wearing, clothing sewing production process is easy, clothing on the human body can maintain a comfortable feeling. Decorative performance refers to the appropriate choice and collocation of clothing accessories, reflecting the fashion trend or fashion designer design concept.
Based on the main performance of garment accessories, the main criteria for judging the grade of garment accessories are: a. Excellent product quality; B. product design fully reflects the fashion trend or fashion designer concept.

2 clothing accessories demand grade and price sensitivity: depending on the clothing business model
General: OEM business model of garment enterprises to profit from the main production and processing, product quality and profit rate is low; the operational model of OBM garment enterprises profit from circulation, the grade of products with high profit margins; in the OBM business model: relative to the industrial production of garment brands, high fashion brand is better show the identity and taste of consumers, products with the highest profit margins. In accordance with the garment industry practice, the low-end clothing will be the use of low-grade fabrics and accessories, high-grade clothing is usually used in high-grade fabrics and accessories. Relative to the OEM business model, OBM business model for clothing accessories price sensitivity is low, high sensitivity, OBM business model in the high fashion brand clothing accessories price sensitivity is the lowest, the highest grade sensitivity.

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