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Taiwan Week Looking At Cultural Industry Dimensional Embroidery Give You Nice

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 16, 2015

China Taiwan's cultural industry is becoming a new economic power and cultural output, now people have a closer Taiwan cultural industries opportunities. This "Chongqing-Taiwan week" and "Taiwan famous fair", from Taiwan's "Eight Immortals" three dimensional embroidery, Meinung paper umbrella has a strong Taiwan culture for local product will focus on appearance, the public can buy authentic Taiwan cultural and creative products.

"Eight Immortals," the most popular

According to organizing Committee related head introduced, "sin color" because embroidered sin and named, Taiwan of "sin color" heritage "tide embroidered" practices, Hi with gold line and makes works produced resplendent of effect, and in characters, and birds, and text zhixia, Pu nail Shang cotton or rough cotton rope, then in above Pu Shang embroidered line or to gold and silver line key sewing Yu Shang, makes pattern stereo of, more vivid, formed has relief level sense of "high embroidered" (also said stereo embroidered) style. 

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