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Needle Embroidery Embroidery Lace

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 16, 2015

Embroidery needle lace is a. Embroidery on lace fabric card when you get to a certain number of warp or weft, hence the name.

Embroidery lace history: in the 4~5 century ancient Egypt Tombs have to use embroidery craft embroidery techniques. Drawnwork lace as a lace variety, some started in the second half of the 15th century Italy, then spread all over Europe. At that time mostly white linen-fabric, mostly strips of decorative table cloths, towels, handkerchiefs, napkins, bed covers, curtains-curtains, pillow, etc. China Artex lace around began in the early 20th century. 26 years Guangxu (1900), incoming local European businesses in Shandong Yantai drawnwork lace. Chinese embroidery women gradually foreign techniques combined with local folk embroidery, forming a unique style, embroidered table cloth then known as pulled thread embroidery table cloth. Grommets-oriented techniques, it is also called the eyelet lace. Since 1970, production in Yantai area of buttonhole lace popular in the international market and marketing in Italy, and France, and Brazil, over more than 40 countries.

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