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Lace Pattern Process

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2016
Lace hits the version, usually we say lace hits the version is actually a lace like, every time we get the samples, first of all to classify the lace, lace of different models of production, playing version is different, here I briefly introduce two version of the way. A lace machine is the production of lace. Get this machine production lace our first step to analyze lace yarn used in the root number, and then under the light see it yarn to, the key is a clear view of the intersection of yarn lace, and clear understanding. We're going to open special disc lace machine design software, in similar in form is a kind of frame in the we just see the connection points are points up, this is a very time consuming and meticulous work, but as long as the completion of a cycle of a lace, after the completion of the work, the design procedure for a copy to our machines can be. Second, embroidery lace machine playing version of the process, the need to get on the production of embroidery lace, the first thing to do is to it is fixed on the bedplate of the we have graduated and computer scanning into the computer, in special lace design software in the line all the way through the computer painted out, finish the work, the same design good to spend it on to our lace machine to, then the samples, if the sample of products is not ideal, then the adjustment, so many times, plate making division of experience and the ability to comprehend and of lace to the yield and quality to to to.

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