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Lace Fabric You Must Wash Your Hands

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 10, 2017

Lace is made of 100% polyester or half of polyester cotton, Lace Fabric try not to put into washing machine, if you are cleaning lace clothes at home, you must put the lace in the laundry bag, to wash with neutral detergent. But the higher level of lace products, or a larger area of lace body skirt, Lace Fabric and so on, it is advisable to send to the laundry cleaning or must hand wash, after washing to the low temperature of the hot bucket will be hot, so that the ductility of the lace will be good, to maintain the pattern of lace distortion.

1, the time to clean the lace to use a mild texture of soap or special cleaning detergent delicate textiles, can not be used to concentrate detergent, Lace Fabric bleach and other cloth damage to the larger cleaning agent, these cleaning agent will affect the stability of the color, spoil the good products.

2, before cleaning, the towel will be spread in the pool, Lace Fabric wash and then use a towel to pick up the lace, this can prevent lace accidentally pull off.

3, wrap the wet lace in the towel to absorb moisture, Lace Fabric and then tile them on the table to dry naturally.

1, do not collect lace clothing in damp, not ventilated place, lest cause appear plaque and fade;

2, the collection avoids the desiccant, Lace Fabric cosmetics, perfume and other chemical agents directly contact the silk fabric; if accidentally stained, should promptly clean, otherwise easily causes the silk material to turn yellow to black;

3, hanging in the closet, you must choose to hang on the smooth hanger, avoid the rough, hard clothes put together to prevent lace hook broken; lace sleeves clothes with hangers hanging up, preferably the choice of cloth hangers, or the two ends of the hanger with small towels, Lace Fabric sleeves will not be deformed or not easy hook;

4, some lace fabric straight into the elastic fiber, make the clothes elastic, but can not too vigorously or long-term tension of this elastic fiber, Lace Fabric this will make the fiber in the elastic tendons off, will go out of the clothes; if lace clothes have this phenomenon, the elastic rib protruding place can be cut off, will not affect the appearance of clothes.

Lace fabrics in today's society by many women's favor, its arrival to China's clothing industry to bring rapid development. From then on, Lace Fabric the designer used the lace fabric extensively in every corner of our life.

The lace fabric is divided into elastic lace fabric and elastic lace fabric, also known as lace fabric. Elastic lace fabric is composed of spandex 10% nylon 90%. Non-elastic lace fabric is composed of 100% nylon or whole cotton. Lace fabric due to material texture light and transparent, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect, Lace Fabric is widely used in women's intimate clothing.

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