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Lace Fabric Rapid Development

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

1, do not lace clothing collection in the wet, Lace Fabric non-ventilated place, so as to avoid the emergence of plaque and fade;

2, the collection should avoid the desiccant, cosmetics, perfume and other chemicals directly contact silk fabric; if accidentally stained, should be promptly cleaned, Lace Fabric or easy to cause silk fabric yellowing black;

3, hanging in the closet, you must choose to hang on a smooth hangers, to avoid with the rough, hard clothes placed together to prevent the lace hook off; lace sleeves clothes hang up with a hanger, it is best to use cloth to do Hangers, or the two hanger with a small towel wrapped up, Lace Fabric the sleeve will not be deformed or not easy hook wire;

4, part of the lace fabric straight into the elastic fiber, so that the clothes are flexible, but not too strong or long-term tension of the elastic fibers, this will make the fiber in the elastic tendon off, out of clothes; if lace clothes have this phenomenon, Can stretch the curvature of the bar,Lace Fabric will not affect the appearance of clothes.

Lace fabric in today's society by many women of all ages, its arrival to the Chinese clothing industry to bring rapid development. From this designer the lace fabric is widely used in every corner of our lives.

Lace fabric is divided into a lace fabric and non-elastic lace fabric, also known as lace fabric. The composition of the lace fabric is spandex 10% nylon 90%. The composition of the non-elastic lace fabric is 100% nylon or cotton. Lace fabric due to material texture is thin and transparent, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect, Lace Fabric is widely used in women's personal clothing.

Lace fabric is usually refers to the embroidery fabric, Lace Fabric also known as embroidered fabric; lace fabric is usually used as accessories in the clothing used, because it has a fine craftsmanship of luxury and embodies the romantic atmosphere of the characteristics, now as the main The frequency of the material has gradually increased. Generally used in the small tail or straight body style, Lace Fabric cover the other fabric above, can reflect the exquisite body of women. If the lace fabric as accessories, you can use in any style.

Lace fabric use is very wide, Lace Fabric you can cover the whole textile industry, all the jealousy can add some beautiful lace elements. Even if the multi-storey design will not feel very heavy, Lace Fabric thin reason will give people a cool feeling, and this design is biased in favor of sweet! Lace fabric due to material quality and light through Through, with elegant and mysterious artistic effect, Lace Fabric is widely used in women's personal clothing.

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