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Lace Fabric Maintenance And Cleaning

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Lacy fabrics are usually embroidered fabrics, also called embroidery fabrics; The lace fabric usually are used as supplementary material in the clothing, because it has a finely crafted sense of luxury and reflect the characteristics of romantic breath, now as the frequency of the main ingredient is gradually rising. Commonly used in small tailings or straight body style, cover other fabrics above, can reflect female's exquisite figure. If the lace fabric is used as a supplementary material, it can be used in any style.

Lace fabrics can be divided into elastic lace fabric and non-elastic lace fabrics according to their type characteristics, which is referred to as lace fabric. The main components of the elastic lace fabric are: spandex and nylon; (the usual ratio is 10% of spandex + nylon 90%). The composition of the non-elastic lace fabric is: 100% nylon; This material can be dyed in a single color. If 100% polyester is used for material; This material can be dyed in a single color. If it is 85% cotton +15% nylon; Then this material can be dyed in a single color; If it's 65 percent nylon +35 polyester. This kind of fabric can be dyed with two colors, namely, two colors.

The use of lace fabrics is very wide, can cover the whole textile industry, all the textile envy can add some beautiful bud silk element. Lace is thin! Even multi-layer design won't feel very thick, thin reason can also give a person a kind of cool feeling, and this kind of design has a preference to sweet feeling! Lace fabric is light and thin and transparent, has elegant and mysterious art effect, is widely used in women's intimate clothing.

Lace fabric is suitable for design commonly used in straight or with small trailing on the style of cover on the other fabrics, things a bride and exquisite shape, if used as auxiliary materials, any style are available. In general price foreign countries, especially the French lace price is high, domestic lace is much cheaper, and the overall price is moderate or partial.

Maintenance and cleaning: gently hand wash, folding and drying. Low temperature ironing.

The role of lace from accessories to fabrics has brought a new wave of lace to the fashion industry, but it has some limitations in this trend. Due to the lace as the fabric is still there after taking characteristics of itself can't get away from, if appear a sense of strong, easy to hook silk decoherence, etc., so on the design of the lace dress its a variety of special factors must be considered. The transformation of lace from accessories to fabric is feasible and promising. Above is love to install net small make up for everybody to introduce the whole content of bud silk fabrics.

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