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Lace Fabric Increase Rapidly

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

The machine is generally made of nylon, polyester, spandex, Lace Fabric viscose and other chemical fiber raw materials, natural fiber raw materials and gold and silver silk, woven into a whole piece of Montreal pattern, called the flower surface; or woven lace fabric, called lace. Fabric with spandex, also known as elastic lace, noodles, no spandex called no lace, flower surface.

Past lace fabric is only in the form of accessories, Lace Fabric mainly used for underwear shoulder strap, bra cup, front of the girdle, trousers triangular area, clothing pendulum and trousers at the edge of the collage decoration. 80s of last century, the lace fabric began to appear frequently in the social stage dress, bridal dress, movie stars, model dress, especially in recent years, a variety of popular underwear, body sculpting underwear, body underwear, plus transparent and perspective equipment The gradual popular, Lace Fabric became the fashion industry star. Use from clothing decoration extended to home decoration and accessories and other fields, and the rapid increase in demand.

Lace fabric refining and degreasing in the main way there are two, one is refined in the tank decontamination degreasing washed, one flat out of the oil washing machine scouring oil wash. Dyeing tank refining and degreasing water washing, processes and more, a long time, Lace Fabric complex technology, high cost. We are using a flat frame refined degreasing water washing process, compared to dyeing tank refined degreasing washed, high production efficiency, saving auxiliaries, but also water, energy saving.

Lei Lei fabric a wide range of products, patterns of ever-changing, weaving factory design of a new pattern has a number. In order to prevent the production process, Lace Fabric a variety of patterns are confused with each other, loose cloth before the best cut from the cloth head cut l0 cm size of the square cloth, nail in the works of the card on the corner, in order to distinguish between other patterns, easy to find the problem.

Production of lace fabric weaving equipment, due to failure caused by fabric broken yarn, missing needle, holes, and may even leave looms bad needle. Lace Fabric So the loose cloth, the initial inspection work is very important, to carefully check the quality of the surface to the blank, in a timely manner to pick out the weaving of yarn defects to prevent the refining process in the refined oil broken, cracked or rolling bad guide roller.

Loose cloth after the cloth seam is very important, because the fabric to the end of the network to use more than hexagonal mesh, mesh base fabric, Lace Fabric transparent light, when subjected to external tension is likely to cause dislocation or cracking. So the seam head, it is best to use three-line sewing machine two cloth head with 5 cm wide cloth to the suture to avoid the production process of artificial stretching and the impact of the machine.

At present the market popular lace fabric, mostly with elastic lace, flower-based. Add the spandex content is generally about 10%, with the commonly used raw materials for the nylon filament, nylon high elasticity with light and no light silk, the fabric with high flexibility, adding to the comfort of taking. The fabric is highlighted in a variety of different flower-based organizational structure, Lace Fabric especially in the multi-comb type Raschel and Jakara Scheler warp woven fabric with yarn effect, the pattern increases the uneven level, rich three-dimensional Sense, so dyeing and finishing process to try to ensure integrity, Lace Fabric aesthetics. In order to prevent the retreat and change of the pattern, the preform will not only pay attention to control the customer orders the parameters of the flower pattern, but also the width of the lace or flower width in the allowable range. 

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