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How much Clothing Lace

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 31, 2016

         Clothing lace how many kinds of people often ask, if the pattern to distinguish that is infinite, and every day there are new lace flower type designed to be lace factory. So now, the most specialized clothing lace classification method mainly has the following two kinds: according to the raw materials, divided into cotton, nylon, kam cotton, dacron, rayon, etc., according to the production of lace machines to points can be divided into knitting lace, warp knitting lace, embroidery lace, handmade lace several categories. For more specific to let people to distinguish the lace from the name, is now the most professional way in the classification of the raw material and process, put together, such as cotton woven lace, nylon tricot lace, mesh cloth embroidery lace, cotton embroidery lace, water soluble embroidery cotton clothing lace, etc.

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