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Handwork Lace The Design Of

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2017

The design method of elastic lace is similar to that of multi-comb lace. Handwork Lace The difference lies mainly in the organizational structure, Handwork Lace the direction of the yarn yarn yarn and the selection of the artisan paper.

Mainly using two types of organizations: elastic mesh and "technical" mesh. The former has been as described above, which is a double-comb mechanism with a greater extensibility than the weft.

The most commonly used elastic structure is "elastic mesh structure", which consists of four combs. All the way through the bar to wear a way to wear 1 empty. Located in front of the machine to the two knitting woven "fishing net organization" for symmetrical mat yarn. Handwork Lace In the third and fourth sides of the machine, Handwork Lace the ground is woven into the elastic yarns, and the symmetrical mats are wound around the knitted brackets in the front two knots, and the elastic yarns In a knitted braid with a woven knitting, Handwork Lace the fourth yarn of the comb is tied into the second knitted braid.

If the above-mentioned pair of yarns are changed, Handwork Lace the direction of the needle back yarn of the elastic yarn is opposite to the direction of the corresponding needle back yarn, Handwork Lace and the elastic yarn is separated and two intersections are formed on the fabric, It is not right.

GB1 and GB2 yarn movement symmetry, sent by the amount of uniform, Handwork Lace so the ground through the shaft 1 and the ground axis 2 chain can be used in series, and only use a set of positive sent by the body to ensure that the amount of delivery consistent. For GB3 and GB4, Handwork Lace because they are sent by the same amount, and are half-wear way, so you can only use a full winding around the shaft to supply two separate elastic yarn. The use of the above-mentioned production methods, on the one hand the high rate of fabric high; the other hand, the yarn and elastic yarn to send the amount of test and determine their respective warping length, which can make two ground warp and a stretch yarn It is possible to reduce the number of times of replacement of the pan head, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

In order to form a good elastic fabric, Handwork Lace the formation of knitting yarn often use smaller nylon yarn, such as 50dtex, Handwork Lace 70dtex and 100dtex, while the elastic yarn is used thicker yarn, such as 140,250,560,840 dtex. As the elastic yarn is thick and the tension is high, it is actually straight in the fabric, and the loop is bent and deformed.

Carpenter paper adopts the special paper which is adapted to the organizational structure of the earth, which is composed of simplified and commonly used elastic mesh structure. The horizontal line represents the crossed line, and the vertical line represents the longitudinal line, and the cross line represents the cross-connect line in the organization. Deformation occurs, so the two vertical lines can be written on behalf of the chain number of digital.

Another tissue for the production of elastic lace is the "technical mesh" organization, which is organized just like a hexagonal mesh tissue, except that the weft yarns are replaced by elastic yarns due to the stiffness and elasticity of the thicker elastic yarns Recovery, Handwork Lace so it is also straight in the fabric and make a typical hexagonal mesh deformation.

Considering and designing the "technical" mesh structure is much more complex and difficult, because the coils involved are distorted. The fabric is a double comb structure, Handwork Lace the basic mat yarn tissue and clothing mesh and lace used the same. The weft thread is inserted into the elastic yarn and is mounted on the machine. Handwork Lace In the actual structure, because the elastic yarn strength and fineness larger, and therefore in the fabric was a straight state, and into the ring yarn subjected to all the bending. Handwork Lace Any elastic yarn passes through two wales. Thus, through the coupling of the coils of each of the third rows, several portions of the two wales form a straight bar.

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