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Handwork Lace Knitting Method

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Crochet multi-purpose wire, copper, bamboo or horn manufacturing, Handwork Lace is a hook with a hook. Right hand control, left hand pull line, through the hook hook pull, winding, you can compile a different pattern, usually with a stool, like eye blocks, lotus petals and so on.

Jiaodong women use cotton yarn, wool yarn or chemical fiber crochet lace, Handwork Lace curtains, pad mats, sofa cushions, sewing hoods, scarves, shawls, sweat vest, children's hats, bags, bags and other products.

The method of knitting the lace is to spread the drawing on a specially made straw dish and wrap the yarns on the wooden hammer (about 10-15 cm), pull out the yarn end, Handwork Lace and fix it with a pin And then operate the small hammer for weaving. Through the line between the braids, twist, hook, pull, form a pattern. Common techniques are dense dragon, broom, square knot, thin cloth, dense, double thin, broom needle, lanterns buckle, reed vertical flower, six pairs of copy and so on.

After the founding of new China, Handwork Lace lace production has been restored and developed. In 1956, Linzi several lace village co-founded co-operatives. In 1965, Yidu, Shouguang, Guangrao, Boxing and other counties set up factory production, and then there is no Di, Linqu, Changle, Weicheng District, Huantai and other places have been put into operation. Since 1981 due to the international market downturn, lace production decreased year by year. In 1984, Weicheng District, Changle, Linzi and other places of the plant has been discontinued or semi-shutdown state.

Qingzhou House lace is divided into full of lace and mosaic lace two. Full of lace to fine cotton as raw materials, with plain weave, Handwork Lace weaving, weaving, weaving techniques compiled into a variety of fancy, the whole has a carving art effect. Mosaic lace is woven lace as the main body, Handwork Lace with linen embroidery made of.

Embroidered embroidered embroidered large sets of embroidery, flat embroidery is the main both carved and pull the process of embroidery from the traditional handicrafts. Handwork Lace Originally produced in Wendeng County. The end of the 19th century there are merchants overseas business, has more than 100 years of history.

Embroidered embroidered high-end products with high quality authentic linen or white linen woven fabric for the fabric, with silver or bleached silk line embroidery system; middle and low stitch embroidered fabric with white or beige cotton, but also inlay all kinds of lace The

The end of the 19th century, operating up to 15 business customers, Handwork Lace businessmen Zhao Xueyu (one said Zhao learn) also Yantai Rende Sunset Building opened the Ruitai line, specialized distribution shuttle lace.

Shuttle lace to metal or horns made of small shuttle as a tool, shuttle box yarn ball, the producers will pull the yarn from the shuttle hole, through the piercing, knot, Handwork Lace buckle and other shuttle method, you can compile Was plum blossom-style fancy, decorated with knot, then become the two consecutive strip lace.   

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