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Fringe Lace Kind Of

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

Levi's lace manufacturers are numbered around the world. Levi's lace is a classic and noble representative, Fringe Lace is the real Calais lace. Nuo Yang company has 80 sets of Weiss lace machine, Fringe Lace specifically for the Levy Lace lace with Rachel lace to provide a different special tag to identify "DENTELLE DE CALAIS ®" (real Calais lace). Levi's lace hundreds of years ago by hand-operated equipment production; after, by part of the machine to imitate the manual operation procedures instead. The lace production process is similar to fabric weaving and is made up of 16,000 yarns at the same time. Each detail of the pattern is controlled by two lanterns, Fringe Lace just as the piano is played. Levi's lace production requires workers to have a high technical quality and experience. The number of people who produce the production is about five times more than the number of people who produce Rachel lace. Fringe Lace The preparation of weaving Levi's lace is very cumbersome and important, Fringe Lace requiring very high expertise and skills such as yarn tension consistency and coherence.

Rachel (Rachel): Rachel (Rachel) and Trico (Tricot) is the two warp knitting process. The 19th century, there is a warp knitting scarf to the famous French actress "Rachel" name to name, so far, Rachel has been in use ever since. Raschel lace is produced by Raschel multi-bar warp knitting machine, Fringe Lace up to 78 bar, bar more, flower design space is greater. Rachel lace is also divided into traditional Rachel lace (Rachel), knitted electronic Jacquard Rachel (Jacquardtronic), knitted electronic pressure roller Rachel lace (Textronic).

Traditional Rachel Rachel: The traditional Rachel lace weaving machine is mechanically controlled, and its pattern is obtained by the movement of the chain plate. It is quite time-consuming to reposition the blocks to replace the blocks. This lace from the volume of electronic Rachel lace larger. The domestic abbreviation of the Raschel lace is the mechanical control of the traditional Raschel lace does not include knitting electrons Jacquard Rachel lace and knitted electronic presses Rachel lace. Fringe Lace Production of traditional Raschel lace models are MRSS32 (32 comb), MRGSF31 / 16 (32 comb, press the first board comb) and so on.

Jacquardtronic: Jacquardtronic: Electronically controlled Raschel production equipment, Fringe Lace its Jacquard device to make lace bottom net varied, rich vivid pattern. Designers use a special CAD system to convert the design information into warp machine-readable machine information, Fringe Lace stored in the disk, the disk can be inserted into the machine can be produced. In this way, the progress of technology not only expanded the flower design space, but also shorten the art design and the actual production distance. Fringe Lace Production of knitted electronics Jakarta Rachel lace models are MRPJ73 / 1, MRPJ43 / 1 and so on.

Knitted electronic pressure yarn Rachel lace (Textronic): the production of knitted electronic pressure roller Rachel lace of the machine works with the production of knitting electronics plus Cara Rachel lace of the same machine principle, but it is more than a pressure plate, which can be So that lace more three-dimensional sense. Fringe Lace Knitted electronic pressure roller Rachel lace with embroidery lace effect,Fringe Lace which is characterized by a strong sense of three-dimensional convex. Therefore, Fringe Lace the knitting of electronic pinning Rachel lace and Levi's lace is the closest.

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