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Fringe Lace For Decoration

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Edge lace is a kind of embroidery, also known as "drawnwork". It is made of cotton thread, hemp thread, silk thread or various kinds of fabric, through embroidering or knitting decorative hollow products.


A kind of embroidery, also known as "yarn drawing". It is a kind of decorative hollow product which is made of cotton thread, hemp thread, silk thread or various kinds of fabric. Legend has it that it was introduced into China by Europe at the end of the qing dynasty. The ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries were similar with lace and embroidery. Medieval European lace production was concentrated in monasteries. In the 15th century, Italy, Belgium and France developed lace production. The 17th century was a period of European lace production, which was famous for its Venetian lace. The British invention of lace looms in the 19th century, the mechanism of lace appeared, leading to the decline of European handmade lace. At the end of the 19th century, European lace was introduced into China, and the Irish missionary, ding maoming, opened a training school for girls in yantai, shandong province. An article of life used for embroidery and knitting. Variety has "pick up flower", "carve embroider", "net buckle" and so on. Tones are mostly white, pale yellow, beige, light green and pale blue. Suitable for tablecloth, bedspread, pillowcase, cushion, handkerchief and tea pad. The main producing areas are shandong, guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai.

A ribbon of fabric for decoration

There are various pattern patterns, as decorative ribbon fabrics, used as a variety of clothing, curtains, tablecloth, bedspreads, lampshades, bedding, etc. The lace is divided into four categories: machine weaving, knitting, embroidery and weaving. Silk yarn interlaced lace, in our country a few ethnic groups use more, so also known as ethnic lace. Patterns of patterns are used with auspicious patterns. The texture of the woven lace is close and rich in color. Knitted lace tissue is loose, with clear eye, light and elegant appearance. Embroidery lace color number is not restricted, can make complex patterns. Woven lace is made of lace and is also useful by hand weaving.

Classification of lace

Wooden stick lace, lace green state (divided into two full lace and inlay spelling lace), carved flat embroidery, shuttle lace, cieme edge, with lace, one hundred generations, knitting lace, lace embroidery lace woven lace... Full industrial lace with fine cotton thread as raw materials, woven, woven, thin weave, dense weave, woven into various patterns, the whole has the effect of the sculpture. Inlaid lace is the main body of woven lace, which is embroidered with linen embroidery. The product has pan mat, small inserts and tablecloth, bedspread, lace craft umbrella and so on.

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