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Fringe Lace Extensive Popularity

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

Clothing lace is a beautiful landscape on the clothing, Fringe Lace more types, generally divided into woven lace, knitted lace, embroidered lace, woven lace and so on. In the 17th and 18th centuries of Europe, the lace as a symbol of elegance, presented on every noble costume, fully demonstrated its gorgeous side.

In recent years, with the laser technology in the apparel industry has been widely popular, laser equipment for clothing lace to bring more decorative methods. Fringe Lace Garment lace in the processing, the laser equipment is mainly used for lace precision cutting and lace hollow, carved, cut and other technology.

Lace laser cutting mainly for the already weaving, embroidery fabric cutting along the line, that is, the precise positioning of the laser along the edge of the fabric for the preset graphics cutting, in the computer program operation, you can automatically cut repeatedly. Fringe Lace Laser cutting lace can be used for wedding dresses, dresses, skirts, collars, cuffs and other clothing edge modification.

Lace laser hollow, carved, cut the use of high-energy density of the laser beam in the fabric to complete the hollow pattern, carving patterns, tassels and other work. Fringe Lace Used in cotton, linen, leather materials, chemical fiber, lace, mesh, woven fabrics and other non-metallic flexible fabric

As the clothing lace is a direct contact with the human skin, so the delicate degree of lace cutting is essential. First of all, laser processing using "no contact" processing, will not crush the material, can save costs. Second, the laser processing of high precision, smooth incision, Fringe Lace clean and neat, there will be no edge frivolous, burr and so on. Then, laser hollow graphics and diverse, through the computer design can be arbitrarily outline round, square, diamond, flower and other graphics. Finally, the use of laser processing equipment with the feeding frame can be used to discharge, cutting, feeding at one go, greatly reducing the process time, improve work efficiency and processing output.

Cotton lace material mainly cotton yarn, Fringe Lace cotton yarn with two kinds of glazing and not glazing. Its specifications according to professional standards are the following: 42 yarn 4 shares and 6 shares, 60 yarn 4 shares and 6 shares of white wax tower line. The The The models are S424, S426, S604, S606, also can be recorded as 42S / 4,42S / 6,60S / 4,60S / 6, where S said the yarn, Fringe Lace the figures under the slash indicates the number of shares; Different molding can be divided into cheese yarn and hank yarn.

"Disc machine" cotton lace of the main production machinery; the main specifications are 64, 96 and 128 of the three models. The working principle of the disc machine is nail-type weaving, Fringe Lace it is the main raw material of cotton yarn, the disc machine is also commonly used in the material cotton, linen, wool, silk and other natural yarn and chemical fiber line, chemical fiber silk, gold and silver silk Line, cored wire, green onions, silver onions, ribbon rope. The Cotton lace with high quality cotton yarn refined, Fringe Lace high color fastness, fine workmanship, soft to the touch, fashionable and diverse styles widely applicable to bra, underwear, pajamas, fashion, bedding, socks, umbrellas, toys crafts.

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