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Fringe Lace Common Raw Materials

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2017

Lace knowledge, modern lace form also known as lace, is the end of the Qing Dynasty, by the Missionaries of France and Italy lace technology into Fringe Lace China's Yantai, Changshu, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Shantou and other coastal areas, so that the folk lace production has taken place a major change, although the lace produced in China later in Europe, but the rapid development, forming a larger Fringe Lace scale of production, resulting in a number of brand-name products. Lace commonly used raw materials have silk, Fringe Lace cotton velvet, nylon silk, polyester silk, and sometimes add metallic to improve lace elegant and gorgeous effect. With the development of society and the use of High-tech technology such as computers, the new lace not only exquisite design, weaving also more and more sophisticated and diverse. Lace classification of lace from the manufacturing technology is divided into woven lace, woven lace, embroidery lace, braided lace four categories. (a) woven lace lace refers to the Leves lace (Leavers), domestic also known as the Li-bar lace. Leves Lace production process is the oldest, is the classic and noble representative, is the true Calais lace, hundreds of years to hand-operated equipment production-oriented, after a part of Fringe Lace the Machine Imitation Manual operation program replacement. Leves lace production requires workers with high technical quality and experience. The number of people involved in production is about 5 times times greater than the number of people who produce Raschel lace. The pattern design process is cumbersome, such as the yarn tension to maintain consistency and consistency, the need for a high level of expertise and skills to complete. Features Leves lace appearance can show a very good sense of three-dimensional and exquisite, floral pattern fine, edge clear lace, and Raschel lace, with better Fringe Lace softness, also because of its technical difficulties and the product performance of the gorgeous elegance is not comparable to other lace, so there is "queen of Lace" of the reputation. The use of materials Leves lace can be used in a variety of lines, the most commonly used nylon (name nylon), polyester, cotton, spandex, rayon and so on. However, Fringe Lace due to machine construction and production requirements, no matter which line must be processed by twisting, at least 300 twist/meter can be used. The coarseness of the line is 30 and 12o0d. Processing process manufacturing, embryo, initial inspection, repair, cleaning, dyeing, stereotypes, cutting, final inspection, packaging until the factory. (ii) woven lace machine woven lace refers to warp knitting, that is, Raschel lace, including traditional Raschel lace (Rachel), Electronic Jakara lace

Lace is based on the 19th century French famous actress "Raschel" named, at that time, she wore a warp knitting scarf by people's favor, henceforth her name becomes the warp knitting pronoun used to date.

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