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Elastic Lace Constituent

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2017

Characteristics of lace elastic fabric: yarn is the direct raw material of clothing fabric. Yarn is an important factor in determining the inner texture and appearance of the fabric of the clothing lace elastic fabric, so the understanding of the thread is the precondition for judging the ability of clothing fabrics. Yarn is a lot of more phyletic, the fiber raw material composition can be divided into pure yarn and blended yarn, LiGong USES can be divided into woven yarn and knitting yarn, the spinning method can be divided into pure sulfur yarn, combed yarn, spinning and air spinning rotor spinning, cage, according to the different shape and structure can be divided into single yarn and thread, monofilament and multifilament, bulk yarn and fancy yarn, and so on. The yarn is an uncomplicated line of thread that is arranged and twisted by a certain length of fibers. Single strand for yarn, double or triple formation lines. The fiber length of cotton yarn is about 38mm. Book of wool fiber length N work in mm, with MAO's chemical fibre blended fiber length is Yang N work in mm, fiber length between medium dry, that N 51 mm fiber, long fiber (chemical fiber form h composed of a certain length fiber yarn, must rely on twisting. Twisting fiber hug each other and form a single yarn, such as: u5tex (the team) cotton yarn, field than "long yarn, 19. S theory of" yarn and so on, if you put two and two or more single yarn about merger twisting, constitute a line, such as the couple texX2 polyester-cotton line, $s than "X2 worsted stock line. The two long strand line and so on

Weaving process requirement of yarn has a certain strength, abrasion resistance and can extend down, general warp requirements higher than weft, due to the tension of warp under shao, repeated tensile, bending and friction is bigger than weft, so the warp yarn quality is higher than weft. The quality of lace elastic fabrics will be good.

The lace fabric is divided into elastic lace fabric and non-elastic lace fabric, which is referred to as lace fabric.

The composition of the elastic lace fabric is: 10% + nylon 90%.

The composition of the non-elastic lace fabric is 100% nylon. This material can be dyed in a single color.

100% polyester. This material can be dyed in a single color.

85% cotton +15% nylon. This material can be dyed in a single color

65% nylon +35 polyester. This kind of fabric can be dyed in two colors, namely, two colors.

Lace fabric is light and thin and transparent, has elegant and mysterious art effect, is widely used in women's intimate clothing.

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