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Lace or it will become in the future men's new darling

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 16, 2015

Lace in recent years has been the women's favorite, bottoming shirt from winter to summer dresses, lace is everywhere, most recently during the just-ended Milan fashion week for fall/winter, Gucci men's wear a man's Red lace blouse immediately the news headlines, we detail below and have a look!

During this year's Milan fashion week, Gucci launched a men's lace tops, and joined by flounces of lace and bow Ribbon, the clothes appeared on a highly publicized and controversial, "why men can't wear lace? lace in the history of these elements are in fact came from the men's evolution. "One industry source said.

"The first quarter of new designers, deliberately vague demarcation of the male and female, want is a hazy beauty. Next on our shop display will reflect this, men's exhibition will not deliberately distinguish boutiques across the country in a few weeks will be new, you'll see. "Recently, Gucci autumn/winter new products earlier this year when, its officials said the big changes in the future. From men and women to a hanger choose clothes, sounds a little crazy?

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