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Lace accessories and their characteristics

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 16, 2015

Shuttle is a shuttle for weaving lace lace. Also known as Plaid lace. Popular in 15th century Europe, especially in the United Kingdom, and France, and Germany's most famous. Shuttle lace knitting technology is: first line ball mount with bovine bone or metal shuttle spindle cavity; and then pulling away from the shuttle in the small hole at the top of head, left thumb and index finger pressed thread on right hand to manipulate the shuttle through techniques such as threading, loop knot, lock, can weave to form various patterns of lace.

Mallet lace (bobbin lace) with wooden mallet as the winding tool, will cotton, linen and other hand-woven lace. Also known as the bobbin lace. Mallet lace was the European tradition of handmade lace. It is made of plaited technology evolved. Mallet lace has the following operation:

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