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Knitting industry, "winter" in a fire

JiaShan Flyer Lace Producing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 16, 2015

"10 years ago, Changle, only more than 1000 sets of warp knitting machines, long now has advanced warp equipment more than 10,000 sets; 10 years ago, Changle warp only 10,000 tons of annual production, Changle warp knitting (lace) annual capacity of nearly 500,000 tons; 10 years ago, Changle knitting industry annual output is less than 2 billion yuan, now Le annual output value of over 22 billion yuan. "This is the warp Association Secretary-General Chen Rong俤 in Changle city, Fujian province, to provide a set of data, simple and distinctive figures, is the epitome of Changle leaping development of warp knitting industry.

In fact, 10 years ago, Chang Le of warp knitting industry whether it is business or technical standards, are controlled by others. And now, Changle warp-knitting 40% of the highest capacity in the national market, becoming the largest distribution center of warp, Changle highlighted strong momentum of warp knitting industry. 10 leap in the process, many enterprise warp cocoon to Butterfly here.

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